QMPro Frequently Asked Questions:

When attached graphics are shown during testing, they cover the questions.

There are several settings, available from the Preferences screen, which will allow you to tailor QMPro's behavior for your specific situation. Please refer to the document Attaching Graphics_ReadMe which came with the QuizMaker Pro download.

If I create a quiz on a Macintosh, can I use that test with QuizMaker Pro on a PC and vice-versa?

Yes. Tests created on 1 platform using QuizMaker Pro can be used on the opposite platform.

I am upgrading from QMPro version 6.2. Can I use those quizzes without having to retype them if I upgrade to QuizMaker Pro?

In response to user requests, the ability to convert version 6.x quizzes was re-introduced to version 2010r2. Be sure to DL the latest version from the web site and you will be able to open and convert v. 6.x quizzes.

I am having difficulty getting QMPro to accept my registration code.

Please see the General FAQ for a few common problems with registering. If you still are not able to resolve your issue, please contact Class One Software.

I have a site license. How do I set up QuizMaker Pro on my school's (company's) LAN?

You can visit the General FAQ page online, or look at the Help Topic Networking after launching the program for step by step instructions.

My students take my course online and reside in a wide geographical region. Can I use QuizMaker Pro to test my students?

Certainly. You can place your quiz on your web site using FTP. The students will then download QuizMaker Pro for either Mac or Windows, DL your test, take the test and email their results to you, all from within QuizMaker Pro . The student's portion of this can all be done with the unregistered version of QuizMaker Pro To upload a test you have created to your web site:

More information on uploading and downloading QMPro tests is available within the Help section of the program. Also see this section for information on using QuizMaker Pro on Dropbox®

How many installations of QuizMaker Pro are covered by the license I purchased?

Personal License: The registered user may install QuizMaker Pro on a maximum of 2 computers (i.e. a desktop and a laptop) for use ONLY by that registered user.
Site License: QMPro may be installed on ALL computers of the designated platform (Win or Mac) at the named location. There is no number limit to the total installations permitted. QuizMaker Pro may NOT be installed on computers used primarily at a different location.

Please Note:

If you experience difficulty with any aspect of a Class One Software program, please contact us for assistance.