Class One Software has been providing quality educational software for school, home, and business since 1994. We believe in the concept of Lifelong Learning. Our teaching and learning software is used by professional educators of all levels as well as adult students and businesses. All Class One Software products are offered on a FREE 15-30-Day Trial basis. This concept allows you to download the complete software product, try it out, then purchase the product only after deciding that the instructional software meets your needs. We hope that you will find our software tools lead to fun learning and better grades as have thousands of previously registered users.

Roger Clary retired as a public school music teacher in 2007. He began tinkering with programming in the late 80's and sold his first shareware license in 1994. The first company, MacMuse Software, was formed soon after to publish educational software for the Macintosh. In 2000, Roger began using Xojo (then named RealBASIC) to compile for both Windows and Macintosh platforms and changed the name of the company to Class One Software. His wife, Patty, is an educational consultant and a Lecturer in Education at Cleveland State University. Roger is the proud father of Brian and the doting grandfather of three.