QuizMaker Pro 2018 is a full-featured application which generates, administers, scores, and archives tests or quizzes with up to 11 different types of questions within a single test. The program can be used to print multiple versions of a single test with answer keys for each version. QMPro will administer your tests and provide detailed score analysis by individual, class, or test. Tests can be placed online for downloading and taking by students. See the feature set below for more information about this exciting new version.

Using QuizMaker Pro Video Tutorials

NOTE: Updated with version 2017

Video 1-Creating a Test

Starting a test, Adding different types of questions, saving the test.

Video 2 - Enhancing a Test

Adding Explanations, URL's and Pictures - Setting test parameters

Video 3 - Classes/Names

Creating Classes - Adding Names

Video 4 - Taking A Test

How to take a test in QMPro

Video 5 - Viewing Test Results

Understanding results, reviewing your answers

Video 6 - Viewing Scores

Reviewing Test results by Class or by Student

Video 7 - Preferences

The Preferences Screen, backups, finding data

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Possible Uses of QuizMaker Pro 2018

In the classroom...
...create classes to group your students. Store tests in QMPro. Enable the tests as you need them or set a single test that all will take. Analyze student scores, see what questions are being missed, track how each student performs.

In the school...
...with a site license, place all data on a LAN server. Install on client computers connected to the LAN. Students are grouped by classes for teacher convenience. View and analyze all scores from any computer on the LAN (password protected).

In the home...
...take practice tests, review material for class. Learn a new subject by testing yourself. The new 'Practice Mode' allows the user to see correct answers immediately. A great tool for home-schoolers.

In the office...
...set up on individual computers or on a LAN, QMPro is an excellent tool for employee evaluations and training. Add employee numbers/ID's to the class lists for easy tracking. Email or printout user scores for maintaining records.

For the individual...
...QMPro is a great tool for studying for those important exams. Use the 'Practice Mode' for immediate feedback. Enable multiple takes of a given test to track your improvement over time. Review all misses or the entire test after completing a take. Create a new test from just your missed questions

This QuizMaker Pro is the same program licensed by Harvard Medical School to prepare their students. QuizMaker Pro is also being used by schools, homes, and businesses as a convenient and reliable method of assessment, preparation, and study. You can try a demo copy, with all features (except networking) enabled, for 15 days to see how QuizMaker Pro can meet your needs. Just click the Download link. Online help and registration documents are available within the application.

Click the What's New? link for the latest features and changes to QuizMaker Pro 2018.

How to place quizzes on a web site for downloading by students.

View differences between the version offered here and the version available from the Mac App Store