QuizMaker Pro version 2017.3

Microsoft Windows Operating System Win7, Win8, Win10

Windows Personal License (1 copy) $24.95
Windows Site License $169

Macintosh Operating System 10.7 - 10.12

Macintosh Personal License (1 copy) $24.95
Macintosh Site License $169

Dual Platform Licenses (Both Windows and Macintosh)

Win & Mac Personal $36.45
Win & Mac Site License $250

Upgrade QMPro PE (Mac App Store) to full version

If you purchased from the Macintosh App Store, please include the code from the Preferences page to verify your purchase. Go to Preferences, hold the option key while clicking on the title QuizMaker Pro PE. The required code will be put on your clipboard. Send this code via email to info@classonesoftware.com and complete the purchase below.

If you purchased from our web site and received a code from Class One Software, we have your records and no further verification is needed.

PE to Full $6.95

Upgrade a Previous QuizMaker Pro Registration

EXAMPLE: V. 6.2 site to 2017 site, or 6.0 pers to 2017 pers NOTE: Please register with the same name so that Class One Software can verify your previous registration.
NOTE 2: You may upgrade to the opposite platform at the upgrade price. (i.e. change a Windows registration to a Mac registration for just the price of an upgrade)

Windows Personal Upgrade $9.95
Windows Site License Upgrade $69.00
Macintosh Personal Upgrade $9.95
Macintosh Site License Upgrade $69.00