Card Shack 1.01

(Version 1.01 released: 1/31/11)

VERSION 1.0 (Released 5/10/2010)

Option 1:

Play 3 traditional Vegas style card games: Jacks of Better, Blackjack, or Three Card Poker. Add your name to the Player's List. Start with $1,000 and bet any amount. Your cash and bet will be stored from session to session. See if you can beat the house.

Option 2:

Play a card game named Golf. There are 4 players. Player 1 will always be you, a human player. You can set Players 2 - 4 to be either human, played by you or a friend, or computer to be automatically played by the computer. Each hand contains four cards. The object is to have the lowest score, like in Golf. Instructions for scoring and play are included in the program.

CARD SHACK 1.0 is free. No registration required. We at Class One Software hope you will enjoy this game and also download some of our other offerings. Have fun!

Screen Windows (XP, Vista, 7): Download (3.17 MB)
Macintosh (OS 10.4 - 10.6): Download (7.6 MB)

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